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At GR Renovations we specialize in home renovations that increase the aesthetic as well as the monetary value of your home. This includes projects like exterior painting, kitchen remodeling, and hardwood flooring.

Installing a new floor in your home is easily one of the most cost-effective methods of increasing the home’s value. It takes less time than a full room remodel, yet it can provide a significant return on your investment.

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Of course, replacing or installing new flooring isn’t all about adding value to your property. It also adds a certain measure of comfort in your daily lives.

How much time do you spend walking across that floor?

How often do you look at it throughout the day?

Probably a lot. It only makes sense to want a nice, new floor instead of something that is old and damaged.

Let GR Renovations help you improve your home dramatically by removing that old floor and replacing it with something new and refreshing. We have several styles of hardwood flooring and tiles to choose from.

Whether you prefer traditional plank styles or modern engineered woods. Our goal is to help you install the floor of your dreams. At the end of the day, your home will increase in value and you’ll feel more comfortable as you walk from room-to-room and see your floor.

Choosing The Right Flooring

One of the first things you’ll need to do is choose the right hardwood flooring for the room.

There are several factors that will influence this decision. Some of those factors include foot traffic, moisture levels, and visual preference. Our hardwood experts will work with you to cover these aspects and choose the best wood and installation method for the room in question. Much of the decision will boil down to your personal preference.

Most hardwood flooring options can be categorized according to a few specific qualities. Those qualities are the width of the boards, the texture, the species of wood, the finish, and the color of the wood. The species tends to have the most significant impact on the floor. Some species are more moisture resistant, some are more durable, and some retain warmth better. The species also has the largest impact on the price of the floor.

The width of the boards only effects the appearance. The most common options are thin strips, which are less than three inches, traditional strips, and wide strips, which can be as wide as six inches. Longer boards give the room a rustic, traditional appearance. Thin strips, on the other hand, give the illusion that the room is larger than it really is. There are also some unique options like squares and rectangles instead of standard planks.

The color of the boards stems from a combination of the wood species as well as the finish. You’ll find planks available in just about every color you can imagine. It’s mostly a matter of visual preference. As for the texture, some homeowners prefer a shiny and new appearance while others prefer a distressed appearance.

One additional consideration is the hardness of the wood, which is decided entirely by the wood species. Wood species that are very hard, such as a oak, are more resistant to wear and tear. If you have a large family and animals in the home, then you’ll want a floor that is hard and durable. It is less likely to suffer from scratches and scuffs over the years.

The finish on the floor offers an additional layer of protection and improves the appearance. Most of our floor materials come pre-finished, which saves you time and money during the installation. We’ll help you find a floor with a finish that you really like prior to the installation.

What About Tile Floors?

We also have a variety of tile floor options available. Tile floors come in a large selection of colours, shapes, sizes, patterns, and materials. Choosing the right tile is a matter of where the tile is being installed and personal preference. As with hardwood floors, are design experts can analyze your room and help you choose the best tiles for the job.

The first factor you’ll need to consider is the location of the tiles. Tiles that are installed in bathrooms must be selected carefully to prevent injury as well as prevent moisture absorption. Smooth tiles are rarely a good choice for bathrooms because they become slippery when wet. In those cases, a textured tile will work better.

The colour, pattern, size, and layout of the tiles are all a matter of preference. They will have a significant impact on the overall appearance and atmosphere of the room. Some layouts stand out and draw attention to themselves. Others are meant to go unnoticed and not distract from other focal points in the room.

The Professional Installation You Deserve

You may have a lot of questions regarding the installation process of a new hardwood or tile floor. For example, a lot of homeowners worry about the price of the installation. It’s a surprisingly affordable process. The actual cost per square foot is influenced by the cost of the materials, the amount of labor necessary, and the size of the floor.

Another common concern is whether or not a homeowner needs to move out of their house while the floor is being installed. That is rarely necessary. At GR Renovations, our experts will outline a plan for installing the new floor as quickly and efficiently as possible without interfering with your normal routine. This usually involves tackling one room at a time or working in rooms at certain times of the day. Most floor installations are completed within seven days, with the average being much closer to only two days.

If your floor is more than ten years old, then now is the time to consider installing a new floor. It’s a great way to add value and improve the appearance of your home. Call our front office today for an in-depth consultation.

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